** Following is the artist's translation of the collaborator Kim Hyeon Jin's original Korean text

Living a great distance apart, my friend and I ‘see’ each other via our respective updates on social media, especially on Facebook. While chatting online about forms of love that are not readily celebrated in society, I found that our pixelated images and sentences warped by automatic translation hint at our respective positions lost in the hierarchies of nation, race, and gender. Upon this reflection, we have taken to collaborate on the series “A Reconstruction of the Bookshelf Where Love Lives,” in which we transform and deform the elements of our Facebook timelines and other writings, along with ‘Song of the Euucalyptus Tree’ as the second work in the series.

Euucalyptus trees creak. A reading voice, in addition to natural and instrumental sounds, blends in with the scenery to which my friend cannot help but remain afloat as a stranger. Upon realizing that one cannot unilaterally cross boundaries to become one with the Other, the audience can perceive those creaks and squeaks heard by my friend.

© 2020 by KAHN J. RYU